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Simply Stylish Chain and Metal Jewelry

Posted on: February 21, 2011

Simply Stylish Chain & Metal Jewelry  

ISBN: 987-0-87116-297-7          Publisher:  Kalmbach Publishing Co

 I enjoy the timeliness and current styles always contained in Kalmbach jewelry publications. This one is no different.  Metal is making a fantastic comeback in jewelry designs, especially alternatives to gold and silver. These designs can be formed in various metals, as long as you find compatible sizes and hardness.  You can make very wearable, lovely pieces in copper, brass, or artistic wire while you work out the design and gain skills, THEN turn to your top of the line silver and gold.  I do understand the gauges (higher the #, thinner the wire), but hard, half-hard, and dead soft still escape me at times.  Luckily for all of us, Chain and Metal Jewelry takes you directly to wire projects and tells you what you need in terms of wire or links/jump rings.

Chain and Metal Jewelry  includes examples of different links, finishes, and sizes of wire/links.  I simply love the depth it seems to bring to projects, and how different each can look by simply varying a wire gauge or finish!  You could literally make some of these 20 times and NEVER repeat a design.  The variations of designs in Chain and Metal Jewelry allow you to include and emphasize a vintage look, if you want that in your creation.

I favor bolder, larger designs, and there are some that really caught my eye.  Trinkets of the Deep on page 16 show how to blend a rather simple large link chain with bold gemstone links to draw the eye to the depth of the piece.  I seem to forget the beauty of oxidized chain when you want a vintage, by-gone era look to your design.  So I was pleasantly surprised at the ways they weave simple oxidation options into the designs.  Another design demonstrates creating a copper patina, making an instant heirloom.

It always seems hard to create a mix/matched piece with 1 strand of gemstones and 1 in chain and gemstone mix, but they have a two-tiered design that shows you how to mix these in a powerful blend.  For those small leftover lengths of chain, there are lots of design suggestions for bracelets and earrings.  Don’t think you have to relegate small lengths to only necklace extensions; create stunning designs.  I’ve never worked with paisley chain, but don’t miss it in the bracelet, very unique and lovely.  I really like the multi chain style earring designs, some including washers for a rustic, home grown look.

Go through some family costume pieces you may have and combine the stones with some of these designs. It will update them to today and bring them out of the jewelry box or bag and into your collection you can wear anytime!  Don’t pass on this design magazine, there are great ideas to incorporate more metal into your designs in artistically significant ways, kicking your designs up in complexity!


Kalmbach Books provided the author with a free copy of Simply Stylish Chain and Metal Jewelry.  No remuneration or review details was a part of thsi agreement.


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