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Spotlight On Wire by Melissa Cable

Posted on: June 25, 2011

One of my favorite things to do is review new jewelry and beading books!  I love to collect books, tutorials and more.  The best part may be finding a shipping carton with a book or two inside, waiting to be opened.   I never know exactly what I will find inside, but I do know there will ALWAYS be some fantastic designs!


by Melissa Cable, published by Kalmbach Books

Spotlight on Wire by Melissa Cable is a great addition to my library!  The designs inside are great for beginner and intermediate designers.  It’s perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about working with wire.  But this isn’t your typical wire-wrapping book!  These projects show how to twist, folder, hammer and even weave wire and metal sheet.  A great example of woven strips of sheet metal is the pendant right on the front cover.  At the beginning of each chaper, Melissa includes a section on Tools and a second section on Tips and Techniques.

Several projects show you how to “dress up” a simple stone to create a fancy pendant. I love the Hanging Gardens pendant, where Melissa shows you how to create a wire cone.  From that you can dangle a cluster of beads.  Dreaming of Pumpkins creates a wire “cage” with a secret item inside.  It could be any bead you like, a small heart-shaped, one, perhaps a small bird-shaped bead, or select your own. The Chapter on corrugated wire is my favorite.  I love the wire and the sheet metal projects in this section. Among teh last projects are fantastic cuff bracelets.  One uses wire to frame lovely lampwork beads, and the second creates a great freeform wire frame to which you can attach beads and trinkets galore!  Punk it out, go goth black with gunmetal colored wire, or grab some artistic wire and color-coordinate your design!

Whatever your interest in working with wire or sheet metal, this book will give you some terrific starting points. Let your creativity wander and turn these projects into your own fantastic designs!  You don’t need a torch and solder to complete these projects.  Melissa also includes several inexpensive “alternate” tools that will give you great results without costing a fortune.  Do you know what can be an alternate to a rolling mill? Or to a specialized metal corrugator?  Re-use that old bead loom with wire to create a cuff bracelet.  Learn tricks, and read Melissa’s tips and recommendations, then strike out and design!

If you make anything from this book, please post a comment and a link to the item so we can all share! Follow my blog for many more book reviews and recommendations for the best projects!!


Kalmbach Books provided the author with a free copy of Spotlight on Wire. No review expectation or remuneration was expected from this copy.


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