Born To Be Worn by S & T Creations

Beading by Susan Ure

Posted on: July 7, 2011

The Portable CrafterEver thought how great it would be to have a small reference book that could travel with you?  Beading, the Portable Crafter, by Susan Ure, fits the bill to a T!

It’s small enough to drop in a purse or carry in your beadbag with your project.  This small book contains 33 projects. My favorite of them all is Project 9. It is a lovely cuff bracelet full of small flowers, beads that look like deep grapes, and small green leaves. Adorn yourself with a stunning summer cuff that is sure to draw attention and tons of compliments.

The last group of projects aren’t jewelry.  Create a simple wire cardholder to set your business cards on in your booth or at your next show/party. Do you have a little one who would like to work with your beads?  Try a shared project.  Create a black spider for your web in Halloween. Help them make a gift of a crazy wire bookmark, or of beaded flowers that can stay fresh in a vase for weeks!

Regardless of the project, this is definitely a portable reference book! If you make one of the projects in this book, please let us know.  Tell us where we can see a picture of your design on the web!


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