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Earthly Adornments–Vintage Beads & Jewelry

Posted on: July 8, 2011

Do you like vintage and vintage-look pieces of jewelry?  It is Saundra’s favorite jewelry style.

Signed Hand Enameled Pendant

Check out Earthly Adornments. I’m sure you will find something you like too!


I love all the colors in the pendant on the right.  but I want to tell you first about a bead I’ve never seen before.  It’s the black hollow cone bead. Faceted and polished to a high shine, I think this would look great with a faceted silver or white bead between the 2 pieces, forming an eye-catching pendant.  But you could also use it to form a tassel drop.


I was also stunned by the multi-strand necklace made with small seed pearls and Czech glass pieces on bronze.  This would be amazine with a white blouse and purple jacket with black pants.  Or to top off a purple dress.  Add a pair of long shoulder-duster earrings and a huge white pearl ring and hit the town!


I have a last favorite to share.  One is a pair of bracelets, aqua and ruby.  You will have 3 creations, wearing each one alone or combine them for a really bold look.  I really love the glass links, with the clear ends and teh bold wide center splash of color. And look at those intricate gold links, with a swirl and its own gold bead.


Aqua and Ruby Pair of Bracelets


3 Responses to "Earthly Adornments–Vintage Beads & Jewelry"

Hi Teri,
Where did you get that black bead. How cool is that! Love it.

I have no idea where that one came from—wish I could get a whole strand!

Me too, I guess I have a new mission to find them, lol. I’m guessing they would be very expensive but well worth finding. Wouldn’t they be cool bead caps?
PS really enjoying your blog!! I read each one and facebook and twitter each one. You are really doing good stories. Keep it up.

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