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Jewelry in a Flash

Posted on: August 2, 2011

 We have been discussing the possibility of offering jewelry “make and take” parties for our customers.  Part of that involves collecting designs that hostesses can select from to choose their own party project.  It’s a bit tough at times because there is a large range of possible designs out there.  We are gearing our parties for ages 8 and up, so we need to offer designs for all ages and for many skill levels.

We also know we need to consider the costs of the beads and components and what ones are easy to use and easy to find, should they wish to make something else after the party.  We will also be providing the tools, so it it truly a come empty-handed and leave with a piece of your own creation!

THAT is why I am working on a collection of fairly simple, straight-forward projects (well, that’s one more reason to add to my reference jewelry library anyway— all of you know I LOVE to collect ‘how to” and information books!).  I don’t want any hostess to have to “settle” and there are so many different styles that it takes an assortment.  Plus, if I have designs and component lists, I hope to pre-price them and put them in price ranges hostesses can choose from.

All of this is a long explanation about this latest book review: Jewelry In A Flash.  I loved the range of projects and styles.  It started with a simply crystal bicone project that resembles “floating” beads but is actually much easier to
make.  Next was a great contrast with large gemstone and wooden beads–a
bold  design.  Another used leather cording tied between each bead.

That range of projects and styles also provides us with projects that work for tweens, teenagers, and adults.  There are vintage designs, simple chokers, and designs using larger beads, lampwork, and more.

As most of you realize, any design can be easily interpreted to suit almost any taste, just by changing colors and styles of beads.  Look at this simple bangle and just imagine how many ways this bracelet can reflect the personal taste of the party goer who makes it!  No 2 would ever be alike. Plus, as they wear it and tell others, they “advertise” your parties for others to book!


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