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Plexi Class Cutting Edge Projects in Plastic by Tonia Davenport

Posted on: October 5, 2011

Well, I cannot say this is a new book, even though I’ve never used it.  BUT given the high costs of some equipment and supplies, plexi glass is a great, inexpensive way to gain experience. And, believe me, while you are learning you will be making pieces that customers will enjoy.   I have an entire sheet of plexi glass waiting for me to slice and dice—well, slice, sand or drill.

I really had no idea that plexi glass was as variable as it is.  You can stamp it with permanent inks, add paper (tissue paper adds wonderful colors, and still allows transparency so you can see through the plexi bead!).  It can also be embossed, allowing for additional colors and texture.

Tonia Davenport’s book is a missed gem if you don’t have a copy in your arsenal to add to your “alternate”<a href=”Red Devil 1170 Plexiglass Cutting Tool"" (See all Painting Tools & Supplies)""“> component list.  It does mention a few tools, but truly, you can start with what you have on hand and get what you need as you go.  She mentions a hot knife and a plexi cutter, but you can work without them just to see what you think.  Click the plexi cutter image to find a similar one.  If you’re a proverbial tool junkie, you don’t want to miss it!

My personal favorite, in all the projects in the book, is a mended heart pendant.  The idea is simple and it was very easy, I think, for Tonia to translate it using plexi glass.  By sanding the entire surface of the plexi glass, it has a frosted glass appearance, making it look even more fragile.  Yet the addition of the wire binding the “break” together also shows the way our heart can recover from anything and become even stronger as the pain subsides and we heal.  The instructions are so easy–a mere 2 pages and you are off to heart – land!

I also like the creative way Tonia made a double link bar and used it to create earrings.  The light weight of plexi glass makes it much more versatile in your designs.  I think clear ring band will also be a blast to create!  However, back to the earrings. Check out how the double drilled bar creates a focal point in the dangle earrings.  How cool!  Click on the links in the images and price out the best deal you can get!  Add this to your library.  I promise you, it will be one you use to spark your own creativity!


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