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My First Art Charm Swap!

Posted on: October 16, 2011

I completed an art charm swap—now this time I was at the last minute, but I did get them to the hostess on time (she threatened me and I had to send it priority post, but still–it counts).  I tried to do too many “new things” in 1 swap, and had no idea what amount of time I needed. The only requirements were to use purple and/or green, and silver findings, and they needed to be no longer than 1 1/2″ including the findings.

First, I decided to make artistic “paper” by layering colors of paint.  I used 4 shades of purple and 4 shades of green, along with white and black..  I put on base colors, then started adding colors and textures.  I dipped a straw in the paint then blew hard, so droplets of color went on the paper.  I also dipped it and just tapped the end, so I got small circles of color.  I took various pieces of sponges, added paint and twisted them, adding another overlay of color.  I put on plastic gloves and dotted some on with the tips of my fingers, so the smudges would show other colors through.  In just small circles I really needed colors to be everywhere.  I took a piece of carpet tape that was made of strips of fiber and added paint to it, then laid it on my paper and pressed the print.  It reminded me of shoe tread somehow.

After all those layers were applied, drying in between, I took a 1 inch circle punch and began to cut it—-BUT it wasn’t heavy duty enough for all those paint layers, so  ended up tracing around one and cutting each circle by hand.  I took glue, glued 2 backs together, and began coating first one side then the other.  Each side had at least 2 layers on.

Now came the problem (other than the circle punch).  I bought an assortment of eyelets, but mistakenly thought I could punch the hole myself.  Nothing doing—that became a lot of work.  Once I actually had a hole through each charm, I inserted the eyelet.  I did have an eyelet setter, but it was either the wrong size or I didn’t use it right.  Regardless, I ended up bending over each metal tube with jewelry pliers.  I guess I need to brush up on how to set those eyelets some other time. I put a drop of paint on a sponge brush and went around the cut edges of the charms to seal them.  Slow, but it really looked much better. I tried a few in white, but black I think looked better.

I added a silver jump ring.  On each charm, we needed to add our name and email, so I attached a biz card to each charm.  All these were put in a ziploc bag, then that bag inside a bubble lined mailer.


2 Responses to "My First Art Charm Swap!"

Thanks for looking at my blog. Yours is neat.

I just got your charm in the purple-and-green swap and it is awesome! All that work paid off! Thanks so much for sharing the process and for swapping with me. And if you want some help with eyelets or anything else, the charm group is a great resource for information. Glad you’re a member.

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