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Remember those great ceramic turquoise melons I used in a recent necklace with coral?  I took the rest and matched them with the coolest wood beads–Saundra got them too, at a bead show out west!  they are like double pyramids, with rough sides, that look like they were painted and then sanded or somehow gilded with a creamy white color.  I matched them with large pieces of “bone” coral for myself.  I even tried them as earrings, but they are too heavy for ear wires.  I need to get with Saundra and convert them to posts I think.

Anyway, back to this piece.  I liked the brown and blue together, but something was missing so I added gold beadcaps.  Lots of them!  A large, fairly flat one worked with the wood beads and a slight smaller more rounded cap for melon beads.  I used a big gold toggle clasp in the back with some extra links, so whoever wears this can adjust it to their liking.

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I was working with some copper wire this weekend, trying to work out a bracelet design I had in my head.  I thought the end result, especially with no pattern and no true measuring, came out really well!

I started with square wire from A Beaded Affair.  That’s the frame.  I didn’t want to solder, so I knew I had to wrap it to create the piece.  I measured the wire for 6 inches around, an inch wide, then left about 2 inches for the curves in the center that I could wrap together, adding beads in to finish the design.

I make the 90 degree square corners and then marked the open wire side where the 2 wires overlapped.  That’s where I began curving them inside.  I started with a pair of curving “pliers” I have and then continued, making curves larger until they just touched. Those open curves created the spaces I would eventually fill in with beads.

I grabbed 22 g copper wire and began wrapping, starting with the very center, where my 2 curved ends met.  Once those were solidly wound, I moved to where each curve touched the solid wire on the other side.  I wrapped those, always being sure to keep the coils tight, as straight as possible and close together.  With it wired together, I could begin fitting in crystals.

This was a lot of freeform too.  I didn’t have a pattern nor any end goal in mind.  I basically found the crystals that fit the spaces I wanted to fill and wired in 1 at a time.  I love the 2 oval ones in the center of the swirl. And I liked the way crossing over one wire with another let me fill in more of the negative space with glittery AB Swarovski crystals!

Creative Eye Studio

I met a fellow
Louisville beader a few years ago at a silversmithing class by Don Norris (if you ever have an opportunity,
take his class. You will learn a great deal AND have a great time doing
it).  Kim had taken some silversmithing
courses before and already knew some things about flux and solder and, of
course, a torch.  But we sat across from
each other for 2 days, laughing at each other, being awkward, and asking each
other, “What did he say?”  It was a great ice-breaker.  Plus we both ended up with lovely pieces of jewelry to add to our collection.

Kim is the proud designer and owner of Creative Eye Studio.

She has her own blogspot
blog.  In addition to her jewelry, Kim
takes great pictures, so check out her blog for photos around her home and from
her travels.  Kim is also a member of a
Kentucky Etsy team that meets periodically and is planning a retreat for a
later date.

Kim’s designs are available at her Etsy store .  She loves fleur-de-lis designs, the symbol for all things Louisville and, of course, even more common around Louisville’s own holiday: the Derby!

Kim and I crossed paths at other times, including a job hunt when we both found ourselves out of work!
Thankfully that passed for both of us as we found new jobs.  I love the earrings I have highlighted here from Kim’s store.  All of them are light, feminine, almost airy, as if they would dangle freely even without ear wires, just buoyed on a slight breeze.  I leave you with one last pair of earrings—a pair Kim calls Sweet Tweet!


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