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Remember those great ceramic turquoise melons I used in a recent necklace with coral?  I took the rest and matched them with the coolest wood beads–Saundra got them too, at a bead show out west!  they are like double pyramids, with rough sides, that look like they were painted and then sanded or somehow gilded with a creamy white color.  I matched them with large pieces of “bone” coral for myself.  I even tried them as earrings, but they are too heavy for ear wires.  I need to get with Saundra and convert them to posts I think.

Anyway, back to this piece.  I liked the brown and blue together, but something was missing so I added gold beadcaps.  Lots of them!  A large, fairly flat one worked with the wood beads and a slight smaller more rounded cap for melon beads.  I used a big gold toggle clasp in the back with some extra links, so whoever wears this can adjust it to their liking.

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Saundra gave me some gorgeous coral beads that had a thin silver beadcap on both ends. The metal layer is very thin, but also stunning.  They have a design that has been patinated, then shines so teh black shows off the swirles.  I love the larger size of these attached caps.   I paired these with some great turquoise “melon” beads I had that are ceramic.  The ceramic version gives a very consistent shade, allowing the coral to stand out.  I like the elongated look of the ceramic turquoise, with the slightly paler lines than run the length of the bead.

The back has a large silver toggle clasp that has a marcasite-type look to it.  These larger beads really needed a corresponding clasp to set it off, keeping the design consistent.

The designs you are seeing now will be among the first added to our new store.  We are working on the website now and will be announcing it soon. Subscribers will be eligible for special sales and discounts.  Sign up here to be notified.

I really struggled with my first time in the bead soup design challenge and must apologize to Lori Anderson and to Rochelle Brisson.  However, better late than never I do want to show you the piece I finally designed.  Part of the challenge was the clasp so I really wanted to show off the gorgeous flower toggle Rochelle sent.  It took a bit, but I finally managed to connect it directly to the cabochon she sent.  A pale blue agate, I believe, I love its simple beauty.  Rochelle sent it with kiwi stones and pale blue glass beads, plus black bicones.  To these I added smaller kiwi stones I already had and flat cubes in pale green-blue.

I really like the final look of the toggle with the teardrop pendant. I think the flower and vine on the toggle add femininity to the overall design.  It brings a hint of delicacy, but the surrounding kiwi stones add strength and character. By adding the kiwi stones and silver with black bicones, the contrasts really show and bring out the best in the design.  Across the back of the necklace is a series of black bicones and silver rounds.  I had never designed something like this.  Actually asymmetric, from the front it looks quite balanced.  Rochelle sent the larger, longer kiwi stones that I used for the earrings and the upper pieces on the necklace.

I still must apologize to all the Pretty Scene Bead Soup Design Challenge participants.

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